Nom Noms World Food arriving at Ocado in February 2017

Nom Noms World Food – a collection of premium ready meals for adults and children will be available through Ocado from 25 February 2017.

Founded by Lisa Sohanpal, Nom Noms World Food was borne out of three desires. First, to ensure her three young children were being fed healthy, nutritious meals filled with natural ingredients and void of sugar, additives, preservatives as well as low levels of salts. Secondly, she wanted her children to be culinary curious and enjoy and appreciate the flavours of the world, including her Indian heritage. Thirdly, as a busy professional, Lisa wanted to be able to spend more time conversing with her family and friends rather than being stuck in the kitchen. With Whole Foods predicting the rise of oven ready meals in 2017 and the World Economic Forum identifying the ‘do it for me’ retail model whereby paying for services such as healthy meals is likely to gain significant traction this decade, the timing couldn’t be more perfect.

Crafted for taste buds that want to travel, the ready meal collection take consumers on a culinary journey unveiling the jewels of North India (chicken biriyani and butter chicken), the backwaters of Kerala (fish curry), the hawker markets in Malaysia (chicken Laksa) and the Atlas Mountains in Morocco (vegetarian tagine) right from the comfort of their dining table. The two-course ready meals are filled with authentic flavours and aim to bring these destinations and their cultures alive. In addition, the mini noms noms for children feature innovative packaging. Designed in the shape of the suitcase, the interiors teach children about the destination, its landscape and customs so they understand the food in a wider context.

In fact Nom Noms has already won 18 awards across innovation, concept packaging, design, branding and entrepreneurship with Lisa recently winning Great British Entrepreneur 2016.

Nom Noms World Food also has an altruistic vision and aims to give back through food. The company wants to feed hungry children around the world and have partnered with the Akshaya Patra Foundation to ensure that for every Nom Noms World Food meal purchased, another meal is given to a child at lunchtime in a school in India. These meals help the children stay at school, gain an education and in turn, supports the fight against poverty on a long-term basis.

Nom Noms World Food not only pride themselves on filling their meals with fresh, natural ingredients but they are also simple to prepare, ready after just 60 seconds in the microwave or 7 mins in the oven. In essence, they are perfect for families who don’t want to compromise on taste, quality or health.

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