1. How much is the delivery?
  2. We do not have a delivery charge but depending on the delivery address, the minimum order may change.


  1. How soon can I have my order delivered?
  2. We require 48h to get your order delivered. Please note that our delivery times are from 9:00am to 7pm and can be reserved on a 1h slot basis. You will be notified as soon as your order it’s on its way.


  1. How do I pay?
  2. We accept payments via debit or credit card or Paypal.


  1. What size are the portions?
  2. Ou adults version (Mega Nom Noms) range from 370g to 400g. Our kids version (Mini Noms Noms) range from 225g to 235g.


  1. Do you have a minimum order value?
  2. Yes, we have a £19 minimum order.


  1. How do I choose a delivery slot?
  2. This option will be available during checkout with a 1h slot.


  1. How long will the meals in my delivery last in the fridge?
  2. Our meals will last at least 10 days in the fridge, please check Use by date on the package.


  1. Are the meals suitable for freezing?
  2. No, our meals are not suitable for home freezing.


  1. Do you offer hot meals?
  2. No, all our meals are delivered chilled and need to oven cooked or microwaved before consumed.


  1. Do you offer vegetarian meals?
  2. Yes, we currently offer Veggie Tagine and Fish Curry.


  1. Do I need to be at home to receive the order?
  2. As our meals need to be kept chilled you need to make sure that someone needs to be available to put them in the fridge as soon as received. If you want it delivered to a neighbour or any other suitable option just drop us a line and we will try to accommodate that for you.



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